Corporate Info

AMI Community CenterThe Anna Maria Island Community Center has been the heart of the Island for over 50 years. From our humble beginnings as a one-room center for teens to our new larger building with something for everyone in the community, we’ve always envisioned the Center as a place of creative discovery, exploration and enlightenment.

When our founders established the ballpark here back in the Fifties, they were hoping for a small place where the Island children could play in peace and safety. The Community Center has since become an Island institution where children and adults alike participate in a wide variety of sports, activities and programs.

Mission Statement

To empower and inspire people of all ages, especially our youth, by providing learning opportunities, strengthening families, building healthier bodies and fostering volunteerism.

The Anna Maria Island Community Center, Inc., a qualified 501(c) (3), was established in 1960 as a private, nonprofit corporation on the site of the Island’s first two-room school. Built strong to serve the needs of our community for generations to come, the Community Center is designated by the American Red Cross as a post-hurricane shelter and is the only Island provider of human service and prevention programs, improving the quality of life and health for over 4,000 individuals annually.

Core Values

Values are principles for living that we take seriously. When applied, they serve to build character and promote healthy relationships. The following five values, integrity, achievement, service, fairness, and teamwork inform our decision making and guide our day-to-day work. They provide a framework for action.
Integrity - Doing what is right. Speaking truth, respecting truth, and being truthful in a way that is best for each party in an exchange. Truthfulness must be based on reality, not on a subjective view of the world.
Achievement - Making positive things happen individually and in a collaborative environment.
Service - Performing work that benefits our neighbors, our communities and our society.
Fairness - Ensuring that our work and our interactions with others considers the beliefs, desires, rights and responsibilities of all involved. Holding one another accountable for contributing to a relationship in proportion to what we fairly receive. Offering equal treatment under similar circumstances.
Teamwork - Creating an environment in which all willing parties are able to contribute to and share in the benefits that accrue from the pursuit of our mission. Demonstrating that others are valued and wanted.


Anna Maria Island Community Center
P.O. Box 253
407 Magnolia Avenue, Anna Maria, Florida, 34216